Hazardous Substances

Release of Hazardous Substances (Process Emissions)

The cooperative research projects funded in the course of the initiative “Photonic Processes and Tools for Resource-Efficient Lightweight Construction” shall be considered with respect to the question of generation and release of hazardous substances during laser material processing in general. In this context, those projects are relevant which are dealing with fiber-reinforced plastics or other organic composite materials. In particular in the field of fiber-reinforced plastics, only few information concerning the kind and amount of hazardous substances, which are released from the process zone, is available up to now. However, the detailed knowledge of the composition of the emission products is an essential requirement for an adequate capturing, extraction and treatment of the hazardous substances in the exhaust air and thus for the industrial realization of the laser processes considered, taking into account the legal framework conditions which are relevant for occupational safety and environmental protection.